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TADS – after the excitement of live innovation, where do you go next?

As the telecoms application development community confirmed at TADSummit in Lisbon last week, there is a wealth of innovation to be found in the industry. This innovation has many sources. While there are many from the traditional communications industry who now have the opportunity to cost-effectively develop their ideas and realise solutions through hosting partners, there are many more who come from unrelated sectors and who wish to incorporate communications and network functions into their applications and services.

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What is a Communications Platform as a Service – and why does it need mobile access?

With TADSummit imminent, perhaps it’s worthwhile reminding ourselves of what a Communications Platform as a Service is, and the value it can bring. Until relatively recently, if you wanted to write applications that included telephony and messaging functions, you needed specialist hardware and had to write a hefty chunk of relatively low-level code to interact with the APIs that such components offered.

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What’s a Diameter API gateway anyway?

Diameter is becoming increasingly important as it enables access to key elements and capabilities within mobile and IMS networks, such as real-time charging. Find out how you can easily leverage Diameter capabilities, via a simple API, to future-proof your services, boost your mobile integration and add rich new functionality to your application.

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