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Will 2018 be the year of the IoT MVNO?

The IoT industry is gathering pace and is proving to be fertile ground for new innovations to take root. It’s also an opportunity for smaller, more focused players to win lucrative contracts with enterprises and others who need specialist IoT services. A growing number of new entrants are winning business in competition with more established service providers, based on their specialist knowledge and industry focus. Why not join them?

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How to get started with the Internet of Things as an MVNO

IoT is a key investment priority for MNOs but while they may be focused on their own service capabilities, many recognise that others have a part to play. Similarly, many innovators have great ideas to offer IoT services, but need connectivity partners and the billing and operational capabilities they can bring. The problem is that many MNOs cannot enable such partners - and many innovators can’t find the capabilities they need.

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