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Missed Comfone ConneXion 2018? Learn more about our joint Virtual Mobile Number solution!

According to the TMF and others, there is a growing trend for service providers to reposition as platform providers, using APIs to expose capabilities to third parties. This allows them to leverage existing assets, while creating new value opportunities through partnerships.

Crucial to unlocking new opportunities, however, is the ability to capitalise on Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMNs). VMNs allow external, trusted service providers to take advantage of familiar identities in the mobile network and to engage in two-way communication with mobile subscribers with their internet or cloud-based applications.

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) hold a key asset that can provide significant value – mobile numbers. At Comfone ConneXion 2018, Partitionware and Comfone presented a new solution that allows MNOs to leverage their mobile number assets and to offer VMNs to other platform providers and leading brands, unlocking new value and building new revenue streams.

If you weren’t able to join this event, why not take a moment to download our presentation, in which we explained how MNOs can capitalise on VMNs, quickly and easily, using the new, virtual number Hub solution, offered as a service by Comfone and Partitionware.

The VMN Hub provides a solution to:

  • Create a secure bridge between application providers and MNO networks
  • Offer two-way voice and/or SMS
  • Support CPaaS aggregators and partners with familiar interfaces, such as SMPP & SIP
  • Seamlessly interconnect with MNO core network assets
  • Launch new services, build brand and partner relationships

Learn about key case studies and how to take action, today!

Download the presentation to learn how VMNs can boost your MNO business, attract new platform partners and grow revenue.

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