You bring us challenges. We help you solve them

Partnership is core to our approach

Partitionware offers a unique approach. It’s a partnership model that focuses on the outcomes and ambitions desired by our customers. Instead of delivering products, Partitionware, through use of our core technology enablement modules allows MNOs, MVNOs and other service providers to access advanced service capabilities through a managed service delivery model.

Modular solutions to enable advanced services

Our solutions are built using a logical, modular approach. We have built a unique portfolio of proven assets that enable advanced telecoms services across a range of markets.

These assets allow us to quickly define and build services for our customers. Once deployed, we manage the services for our customers, ensuring consistent performance, smooth evolution and scaling, and a complete, end-to-end service.

Shared risk. Shared reward.

Reduce investment costs

Our unique managed service model mitigates risk and reduces investment costs, enabling you to innovate more freely and get to market quickly with new services.

It means you can address emerging market requirements and capitalise on new opportunities with minimal risk, respond quickly to changing demands and experiment with service development.

Access network assets and resources

Our extensive relationships with operators and service providers help us bring more value to our customers. We can help with access to network assets and resources, reducing costs and accelerating time to market.

Working with us means that you benefit from a truly consultative approach that allows you to capitalise on innovation, ideas and inspiration.

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