Hosted SMSC

SMS remains a key element of any mobile package, despite the growth of alternative messaging platforms. It’s ubiquitous and allows any mobile subscriber to be reached, irrespective of the network to which they are connected. It’s the only truly global service.

MVNOs, MVNAs and MVNEs need access to a reliable, scalable SMS platform that allows them to manage messaging services on behalf of their customers and which provides accurate delivery with comprehensive reporting and accounting information, without the complexity and expense of deploying their own solution. This allows them to bill their customers correctly, ensuring that usage in and out of bundles is calculated properly, while controlling costs.

Managed SMSC capabilities for P2P and A2P

SMS is also hugely important as a tool to provide service update and alert messages, as well as to sustain promotions. With IoT and M2M applications proliferating, it also provides a secure, reliable means for deployed devices to send notifications, even when there is no data connectivity.

Partitionware offers a complete managed SMSC solution, with full network access, which enables MVNOs, MVNEs and MVNAs to reliably offer SMS services to their customers and partners and to service a wide range of new applications.

  • Full SMSC solution with rich network connectivity
  • Accurate accounting, rating and charging information
  • Reliable, timely delivery
  • Bulk SMS access and enabler
  • API access for control and notification
  • Robust SS7 and SMPP access

A simple OPEX model for SMS

Partitionware’s managed SMSC service provides a complete solution for any SMS application, whether for individual users, for bulk sending, or for M2M notifications and alerts. It offers a simple OPEX model, which controls costs while ensuring accurate billing and delivery.

  • Take advantage of a reliable, fully integrated SMSC solution
  • Removes complexity from network interaction
  • Offer P2P and A2P SMS services for subscribers and M2M applications
  • Comprehensive billing information for charging and reconciliation
  • Capitalise on a fully managed service
  • Global reach and access

Outsource your SMS requirements to a trusted, global partner with the reach and capabilities to ensure that you deliver to your customers, with the control and accuracy you need for a comprehensive service. Tell us what you need and we’ll help you design and launch the service, getting you to market fast and providing a platform for further service innovation.

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