Preventing fraudulent transactions and confirming customer identity in real-time has become increasingly important. It protects customers and protects financial service providers. As fraud levels increase, banks, financial service providers and other organisations are seeking new ways to validate customer identity when financial transactions are attempted.

The availability of enriched sources of information regarding subscribers can dramatically reduce fraudulent activities. One approach that is gaining momentum is the ability to correlate real-time customer location with financial activities and transactions, such as credit card payments and cash withdrawals.

Correlate subscriber location with transactions to protect them and your business

Partitionware provides secure access to mobile networks and can enable the location of subscriber devices to be obtained via lookup techniques.

This information allows the location of the subscriber to be derived by proxy and in real-time – if they are in the same location, at the same time, as the attempted transaction, the chances of it being fraudulent are reduced. If the device is not in the vicinity, then additional security checks can be initiated, helping reduce fraud and protecting all stakeholders.

  • Real-time network lookup to obtain subscriber location
  • Correlate with attempted transactions
  • MAP-SRI / PSI / ATI operations
  • Determine user Cell-ID information
  • Device and network independent
  • Simple integration options to create a seamless process

Enhance services with fraud protection

Security procedures, such as Lookup services provide valuable additional protection for providers of financial services. Partitionware can enable these services from its rich network access and assets, directly or via trusted partnerships that broker services to organisations that need the reassurance of additional security measures.

  • Deliver location data securely for trusted providers
  • Reassure customers and build better relationships
  • Enable secure, reliable secondary security services
  • Opt-in / opt-out models, protecting privacy
  • Reduce service calls and focus security teams on real threats
  • Available as a service or on-demand

Take advantage of network technologies to enhance security and protect against fraud. We’ll help you establish the service and ensure that strict controls are applied, guaranteeing privacy while providing valuable secondary authentication data.

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