Innovative telecoms solutions for your business

Getting started with us is easy. We use a tried and tested methodology to build strong partnerships for innovation in telecoms. This begins with detailed situation analysis and problem definition, and continues to full life-cycle support for your solution.


Problem identification and qualification

Customers bring their problems to us, seeking a solution. We work closely with them to fully understand and qualify the issue and determine how a solution can be realised, both technical and commercially. We also consider how such a solution can be managed in the operational environment and how it can scale to meet business growth forecasts.

The result of this activity is a detailed technical proposal, that covers network integration, full documentation of the required signalling and session flows, as well as design goals. In addition, it includes the desired operational model as well as a proposal for commercial partnership.


Solution development, deployment and launch

Once the solution has been proposed and accepted, we perform the necessary development and integration tasks. We then undertake all necessary testing, first in our facilities and then in the chosen data centre, allowing end-to-end system acceptance to be achieved in the live network, and the launch of the solution.


Operational management, monitoring and reporting

Our role doesn’t end with delivery and go-live. We manage the service and ensure that it complies with agreed KPIs through detailed reporting, allowing you to focus on your customers. As needs evolve, we ensure that you adapt to changing requirements and extend capabilities to meet new opportunities.


Continuous improvement and innovation

Because we maintain operational responsibility, we are able to continuously review and improve the solution. We include new innovations, ensuring that the solution evolves. We also take all necessary steps to anticipate and plan for capacity growth, allowing the solution to mature with your needs and your business, while maintaining optimised performance.

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Partitionware offers a unique recipe for success, a deep partnership for innovation in telecoms that allows continual evolution and ensures business success.

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It’s easy to get started with us. Simply get in touch and our experts will work with you to understand your challenges and propose a solution that both meets current needs and allows for future growth.

As a nimble partner, we’ll make sure you get the attention you need, backed by an approach to business that reduces risk and gets you to market fast.

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