Partitionware Home Subscriber Server and HSS Proxy Enablement Framework

Home Subscriber Server and HSS Proxy Enablement Framework

The Home Subscriber Server, or HSS, is a key component of the IMS core. It is the central repository of subscriber and device data, consolidating the previously separated functions of HLR, AuC and EIR into a single master database.

The HSS is key to access control, enabling the IMS to match users with devices and to coordinate profiles and policies for service requests. However, the HSS was originally intended for personal devices, but the rising flood of IoT applications has led to a dramatic demand on capacity – something for which many operators have not been prepared.

Home Subscriber Server and HSS Proxy Enablement Framework


  • Extend capacity to support growth in IoT devices and profiles
  • Enable multi-IMSI services
  • Segregate and isolate specific IMSI ranges
  • Support LTE / GSM / SIP convergence
  • Offer IMSI translation / proxy capabilities
  • Launch smart steering services
  • Extend legacy networks to ensure 4G LTE compatibility

Unique enablement framework

In addition, many smaller operators that have yet to deploy an IMS core or that have been running a light-weight MVNO infrastructure model, now need to interface with LTE networks or to add more granular capabilities.

That’s why Partitionware offers a flexible Home Subscriber Server and HSS Proxy Enablement Framework. This modular approach enables MNOs and MVNOs to capitalise on HSS functionality, securing the capabilities they need for different applications and overheads, without the need to invest in a single, monolithic platform.

The unique enablement framework is fully customisable, allowing new use cases to be accommodated as opportunities emerge and requirements evolve

Virtualised and completely scalable

Compliant with all relevant LTE standards, the solution range is virtualised and completely scalable. All components are fully compatible with other elements from the Partitionware portfolio, which allows new architectures to be easily provided, with customisation and control to suit specific needs:

  • No hardware to deploy
  • Fully virtual
  • Standards-based
  • Web-API control and access
  • Cloud-based, in a secure environment with global reach

Benefit from our unique approach

Partitionware’s HSS and HSS Proxy Enablement solutions allows providers to introduce innovative new services for LTE networks and devices from a secure, globally available cloud-hosted solution, or for new entrants to quickly and easily leverage essential HSS functionality. It offers flexibility and agility, with a comprehensive web API for ease of control and integration.

If you want to add HSS capabilities to your network or to enhance existing but limited solutions, through a flexible framework, backed by an innovative managed services model, why not get in touch?

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