Partitionware Powerful Service Creation and Billing

Partitionware Integrated Platform

Service creation and customisation is essential to provide a differentiated service portfolio optimised for the needs of your customers. The Partitionware Integrated Platform, is a powerful solution that supports easy service creation and provides full billing and authorisation support for the resulting services.

It allows service providers to rapidly launch new offers, tailored to the specific requirements of their end-user customers. With fully integrated billing capabilities, the PIP enables a wide range of communications services.

Online charging control for real-time billing

Typical applications include:

  • Mobile Call-back, via USSD and SMS triggering
  • CAMEL services
  • Multi-profile services for subscribers with multiple IMSIs, DID identities and user-access profiles (Mobile, SIP, Calling Card)
  • SIP endpoints and devices
  • Mobile data services

Deliver accuracy in billing and accounting

The PIP facilitates the creation of complete, end-to-end services. It handles the relevant network interfaces to manage all end-user service requests, makes appropriate rating decisions, based on the available credit, and ensures successful delivery of the appropriate service.

The policy-driven rating allows accurate billing and accounting to be maintained, while protecting credit balances and reducing the risk of fraud.

Integrate with third party solutions

The PIP is fully integrated with other modules and components from the Partitionware range, including the MAP, CAMEL and Diameter Gateways, providing Online charging control for real- time billing and allowing full control of pre-paid services. It is also integrated with the SIP Call Agent which, in turn, provides call control and carrier interconnection.

It is equipped with powerful and extensible APIs that allow the PIP to be integrated with third party solutions, such as existing customer care, billing, reporting and management systems, depending on requirements. It offers true multi-tenant capabilities, with a hierarchy that allows an unlimited number of distributors and resellers to be supported.

Benefit from our unique partnership approach

In keeping with our unique partnership approach, the PIP is delivered as a service, backed by complete 24x7 support, with a comprehensive Service Level Agreement that provides assurance and guarantees for the smooth operation of the platform.

A range of deployment architectures are available, enabling PIP to be closely integrated with existing infrastructure.

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