Partitionware USSD Gateway

High performance USSD Gateway

USSD, or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, is a simple way to enable users to interact with applications from their devices. It’s a key enabler to a number of value added services that require real-time, session-based interaction and content or information delivery.

Our USSD Gateway allows real-time communication to and from mobile devices using simple USSD commands that can be easily entered via the dial pad. It supports commonly used USSD features including USSD-MO, USSD-MT and USSD Menus and is highly scalable.

Combine with SIP Call Agent for powerful media functionality

Suited to a wide range of value added services:

  • Divert configuration
  • Real time information services
  • Callback requests
  • Mobile service menu options
  • Mobile top-ups
  • Payment and purchasing services
  • M2M / IoT applications

Managed service model to reduce deployment risk

The Partitionware USSD Gateway can be used to enable 2-way services by creating a dialogue between external systems and the end-user. Services are either initiated by the user (USSD-MO) or by the external system (USSD-MT).

It’s a way of delivering information based services that does not depend on internet connectivity. For example, a user could dial *100*001# from his or her device.

In this case, 100 is the identity of the assigned USSD Gateway, while 001 is a system command. The end system will respond with a message to be sent back to the user. 001 represents a service, such as a weather report. By entering this USSD string, the user is requesting a weather forecast, which will be sent to user. In addition to giving useful updates, the forecast can also be related to user context.

For this service, the user’s location can also be taken into account, so that a localised forecast can be delivered: “Today will be bright and sunny, with a maximum temperature of 25°C.”

Integrated IP media server for VoIP and interactive voice

Our USSD Gateway is equipped with a simple, XML interface that allows for rapid and easy integration with applications and services. The XML is delivered over HTTP, which allows requests and content to be delivered between the application server and the user device. It means you can easily extend your solution to enable mobile access.

It can also support extended dialogues, which allows for a broad range of content to be delivered and transactions to be enabled. This can be a more efficient and cost-effective means of delivering services that may traditionally depend on IVRs. USSD also enables a number of M2M / IoT applications, particularly those that require payment processing. In addition, it can help manage profile selection for multi-IMSI solutions.

The Partitionware USSD Gateway is delivered through our unique managed services model as a SaaS solution, with pay-as-you-go transaction-based charging. It’s a powerful enabler to a host of useful services that deliver benefits to customers, MNOs, and content providers alike.

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