Partitionware SIM OTA Gateway

SIM OTA Gateway solutions

MNOs and MVNAs / MVNOs often need to update deployed SIM cards. OTA (over the air) provides operators with a more a cost-effective means to enable remote interaction without the expense of manually reconfiguring cards.

Our SIM OTA Gateway solution is a comprehensive platform for remote file and application management of SIM cards. It allows SIM cards to be managed, reconfigured and updated with new settings over the air, without physical connectivity.

OTA SIM Gateway for low-cost SIM management

Delivers these key functions:

  • Update for standards-compliant variables, such as the preferred network list, forbidden network list, Service Provider Name, SIM Address book entries
  • Proprietary SIM Toolkit applications which utilise the SIM file system structure to store application variables
  • Multi-IMSI aware update, OTA update completed via the active IMSI profile
  • Fully customisable retry and expiry parameters
  • Optional external integration for message delivery via a SMPP interface

Suitable for a range of OTA applications

The OTA capabilities can be invoked as part of a complete campaign, reaching all active target SIMs, or ad-hoc interaction with individual SIM cards. The Partitionware SIM OTA Gateway can be used for a remote IMSI deployment, PLMN management, STK application installation and other updates. It is independent of SIM card vendors, providing a cost effective alternative to traditional solutions and provides support for SIM cards which are compliant with GSM 03.48.

The OTA Gateway is designed to update standards-based parameters and can also be used to manage installed SIM applications through additional development activities. Custom SIM updates and bespoke configurations can be quickly supported through the Partitionware development environment.

Modular, flexible OTA SIM gateway

OTA services can be invoked and managed through two methods. An XML API allows individual SIM cards to be updated and provides translation of service requests from applications into the correct format for processing by the SIM card.

In addition, the OTA campaign manager allows large numbers of active SIM cards to be updated with the same settings. To ensure accurate processing of the requests, management reports are generated to provide details of message delivery results.

The SIM OTA Gateway has been designed as a modular component of the Partitionware MAP Signalling Gateway and interfaces directly with the Partitionware SMS-C. The OTA Gateway can be deployed as a component of the Partitionware MAP Signalling Gateway.

Alternatively, the SIM OTA Gateway can also be deployed as a standalone service, using an external SMPP Connection for SMS delivery.

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