Partitionware Short Message Service Centre

High performance, scalable SMSC

Our Short Message Service Centre, or SMS-C, is a powerful and highly scalable solution that guarantees accurate message delivery. It supports both traditional and IP-based SS7 connectivity for close integration with the core mobile network. Capacity can be added easily, ensuring that the SMS-C scales to meet growth

in message volumes. The SMC-S handles both user- generated MO / MT SMS messages directly, as well as offering an SMPP interface for integration with other systems that need to manage messaging traffic. Service providers can easily offer SMS as part of their pre- and post-paid packages.

Support multiple formats and integrate with M2M services

Multiple language support:

  • 3GPP TS23.040
  • non-Unicode alphabets, such as Hebrew
  • 7-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit messages
  • Flash SMS
  • Binary SMS

Support for multiple IMSIs

Partitionware SMSC is capable of supporting multiple IMSIs. This means that users can maintain multiple identities on a single SIM. With this feature, service providers can present a unified bill for all identities to their customers, which accounts for all records accurately and reconciles them to their primary identity.

To prevent fraud, each SMS message generates a real-time XML authentication and approval request that can be checked by the preferred billing system and fraud management systems.

A wide range of messaging formats

The SMS-C supports a wide range of messaging formats, including concatenated SMS, according to 3GPP’s SMS Point- to-Point specification, which allows longer messages to be sent. In addition, multiple languages can be supported, providing a flexible solution for all markets.

There is a growing need to provide SMS integration with M2M applications and the Partitionware SMS-C can easily be integrated with M2M services, allowing machine generated messages to be sent to and from appropriate devices. It supports SMPP / HTTP store and forward capabilities, which means messages can be generated and delivered when the recipient is available on the network. This also allows system generated alerts to be delivered to the correct recipients, for example, both individually and at scale to multiple users.

The SMS-C is key part of any mobile solution and can easily be combined with other modules from our range to enable a wide range of applications. It is software-based solution and is ready for virtualised environments. It can easily scale to meet evolving capacity demands.

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