Partitionware Reverse IM-SSF Gateway Function

Reverse IM-SSF Gateway Function

Although many of today’s telecoms value added service functions are enabled in the Internet world, using APIs and protocol interfaces such as SIP to interact with the telecoms network, subscribers on legacy infrastructure cannot experience such services and enjoy their benefits.

As a result, there is a need to connect such applications and services with classical, legacy elements from the SS7 domain, such as IN-based solutions, so that SIP-enabled services can be delivered to subscribers on other networks.

API access for service control

Typical applications include:

  • OTT voice services
  • OTT messaging services
  • Multi-media services
  • M2M / IoT applications

Deliver services to legacy users

Partitionware’s Reverse IM-SSF Gateway Function is a key element in ensuring service delivery from NGN service platforms or from the Internet domain to customers in legacy networks. Although Reverse IM-SSF is not specified directly by 3GPP, it is a widely recognised function and essential for brokering services between domains.

It performs all necessary translation between SIP and API interactions with CAMEL processes in the legacy domain, allowing services to be delivered smoothly and efficiently to customers on previous generations of technology, such as GSM or UMTS.

API access for service control

The Reverse IM-SSF Gateway Function can be controlled via SIP interaction or, alternatively, via our well-proven XML interface. This enables existing Internet applications to be gracefully extended so that they can be delivered to subscribers on legacy devices and networks.

For Internet application providers, it opens up a broader customer base, while for network operators it creates an opportunity for new partnerships with alternative service providers.

The Partitionware Reverse IM-SSF Gateway Function is delivered through our unique managed services model as a SaaS solution, with pay-as-you-go transaction-based charging. It’s a powerful enabler to a host of useful services that deliver benefits to customers, MNOs, and content providers alike.

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