Partitionware IP Media Server for interactive voice

Voice processing for critical telecoms applications

Partitionware’s IP media server provides voice processing capabilities for key applications. It provides full co-ordination of RTP streams, under the control of the SIP call Agent and offers functionality, such as the playback of pre-recorded announcements, voice recording, tone detection and mixing.

It comes with an XML-based interface that allows custom scripts and applications to be created, quickly and easily. This flexibility means that it can be the basis of a wide range of applications and rapidly adapted to suit individual requirements.

Combine with SIP Call Agent for powerful media functionality

Typical applications include:

  • Media playback
  • Call recording
  • IVR (DTMF controlled)
  • Voicemail
  • Call quality monitoring

Managed service model to reduce deployment risk

The IP media server is designed to complement our SIP Call Agent. While the SIP Call Agent is responsible for managing sessions, the IP media server processes the conversations that it controls.

It enables connectivity to media processing resources when it is required. It also supports NAT traversal, ensuring that VoIP communications services can effectively be delivered across LAN, WAN or WiFi connections. It’s a key module that is at the heart of many of our solutions. As it’s a software-based solution, it’s ready for virtualised environments and can scale to meet evolving capacity demands.

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