Partitionware MAP Signalling Gateway

High performance, flexible MAP signalling gateway

The MAP Signalling Gateway acts as a high-performance, flexible bridge between GSM / UMTS signalling networks and intelligent applications. It’s built with our core stacks, so that we retain full control and can easily adapt functionality for new use cases.

It’s scalable, powerful and supports high volumes of traffic. The architecture allows advanced applications to be developed using Web Services and XML while masking the complexity of the underlying C7/SS7-based signalling protocols.

Develop advanced telecoms applications

Typical applications include:

  • SMS delivery, routing, interception, processing and manipulation, OTA, M2M
  • GLR (Gateway Location Register)
  • In- and out-roamer management (tracking, Welcome SMS)
  • Control of roaming, subscriber profiles and authentication (HLR proxy/augmentation)
  • Multi IMSI solutions
  • Location services
  • Network steering
  • Roaming hubs
  • Call routing, remote forwarding/’follow-me’, VoIP convergence (proxy VLR services)
  • USSD Services (including USSD callback, USSD push, USSD menus)
  • Network queries (SRI-SM, SRI, ATI)
  • Intelligent MAP-level STP
  • Network elements, such as HLR, SMSC

Interoperable for wide service adoption

MAP is a critical protocol enabler in mobile networks. It’s behind many of the services they provide, including in- and outbound SMS delivery, subscriber authentication and security, call routing and delivery, location services and roaming. As a standardised protocol, it supports interoperability, which, in turn, enables wider adoption of services.

Develop a diverse range of services

With the MAP Signalling Gateway, MAP messages can be received, manipulated and forwarded - or intercepted or generated from external XML-based applications, which means it can be used as the foundation for a diverse range of services and applications, as well as to enable key mobile network elements.

Technically agile with flexible delivery

Our MAP Signalling Gateway unlocks functionality that has previously been accessible only through monolithic solutions. It opens the door to innovation. With our unique approach, we enable you to offer innovative MAP-based services while protecting the stability and integrity of the underlying network with standards-compliant solutions. It’s a better approach that delivers rapid results and supports your creative ideas.

We can provide on-premise installations, as well as delivery through our unique managed services model, with the MAP Signalling Gateway being available as a SaaS solution, with pay-as-you-go transaction-based charging.

XML exposure and ready for LTE

MAP signalling gateway diagram

Stable access to a range of network elements

The XML interface provides secure, stable access to a wide range of network elements, ensuring that services can access and co-ordinate the resources they need directly.

We also support DIAMETER, which is the next-generation replacement for MAP – which means that you can confidently migrate your services to LTE and even VoLTE environments.

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