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Enable secure and trusted Wi-Fi and mobile network integration to deliver new, converged global services

Wi-Fi voice calling is increasingly demanded by users but they need a seamless experience to make the most of it. 3GPP procedures provide a secure and authenticated means to access Wi-Fi services, which helps mobile and other service providers offer converged mobile and Wi-Fi access, with a single SIM identity. With VoWiFi bringing more home Wi-Fi traffic, providers need a way to enable global access.

The rise of VoLTE has brought increasing attention to its sister service, VoWiFi. The expectation is that many subscribers will seamlessly roam from VoLTE access to VoWiFi when in their home network, depending on the best available connection. As a result, more users will expect to be able to use their voice services on Wi-Fi, just as they do with many applications from Internet-based providers.

Of course, voice over Wi-Fi is nothing new. A number of mobile providers pioneered Wi-Fi calling to enable their customers to avoid roaming charges. However, there were problems that could result, so they needed a way in which to ease registration to the host Wi-Fi network and to ensure the protection of users once active.

Recognising this growing trend, 3GPP incorporated new extensions to its standards to enable secure registration and encrypted protection to Wi-Fi access networks and this has been used as the basis of a wide range of converged mobile and Wi-Fi services. Adoption of VoLTE is likely to further stimulate demand.

However, as VoLTE roaming isn’t yet widely available, those subscribers that expect to use Wi-Fi as they do in their home network need to be able to access it while roaming – and that’s where the existing 3GPP AAA Wi-Fi access standards can help.

But, to add Wi-Fi voice roaming capabilities, service providers need to be able to use 3GPP EAP and AKA procedures to ensure ease of registration and to provide the right level of security. The easiest way to do so is to partner with a provider with the right assets and the right proven framework for allowing service providers to offer SIM-based Wi-Fi calling options, facilitating access without the pain of clunky registration processes.

Partitionware offers a complete, SIM-based 3GPP compliant voice over Wi-Fi solution, allowing service providers to offer a seamless voice over Wi-Fi experience when roaming or otherwise. It’s used by innovative providers to enable rich voice services and to target exciting opportunities, such as on-board Wi-Fi and convergence between managed Wi-Fi, using existing SIM credentials.

So, if you want to capitalise on innovative Wi-Fi and mobile convergence services today or as we move towards VoLTE, why not get in touch?

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