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How to manage and bill for a rich portfolio of M2M and IoT services

The growing market for M2M and IoT services has seen MNOs and MVNOs eagerly eyeing potential opportunities. There’s an increasingly diverse range of services and the potential is significant – but there is also considerable variation in their value. Some applications have relatively low value but the potential for high volumes of transactions, while others take the opposite shape.

Mobility is the ideal medium for many services, with wireless technology evolving to meet the needs of new applications, from long-range, low-power, to high bandwidth with critical QoS requirements. As wireless technology adapts to these differing requirements, MNOs and MVNOs are positioning themselves to capitalise on their wireless assets to embrace the opportunity.

But, this also means that MNOs and MVNOs must have the agility to accurately manage service diversity and to charge for it accordingly. While some will focus on selected niches, others will target a broader set of services – and there is also the potential to host third-party providers with specific expertise on common network assets, creating a rich ecosystem of partners, both wholesale and otherwise.

As a result, there will be a range of different models – covering direct sales to indirect resellers. In addition, the need to host other partners means that multi-tenancy options are a necessity. Business flexibility as well as network capabilities and assets will be critical in order to reach customers, build new partnerships and to support different models.

To achieve this, MNOs and MVNOs targeting IoT and M2M services require a specialised, flexible BSS to support the myriad of billing and service possibilities envisaged and to meet new requirements as they emerge. That’s why Partitionware’s unique managed BSS approach provides the perfect solution.

It provides a carrier-grade billing and accounting infrastructure with network integration assets to ensure the timely and accurate billing of any IoT and M2M service. It allows service providers to address applications that have the simplest transaction requirements as well as the most complex, multi-channel delivery models. It also provides the full multi-tenancy capabilities that are required to support different levels of partners and relationships, allowing them to be on-boarded and managed easily and effectively.

Partitionware’s approach enables accurate, timely billing of any IoT and M2M service, with the technical and commercial flexibility required to meet new service requirements. There is no single model and no single approach to IoT and M2M services, but Partitionware’s proven BSS assets and services provider the foundation of commercial success.

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